Wholly Goat Farm

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Here is one of the two first goats we purchased for the farm. Her name is Snowbell and she is a saneen. We rescued her and her sister, as her previous owner could no longer take care of her anymore. She is not registered due to lack of paperwork but she kidded for the first time this year with two bucklings and has given us 1 gallon of milk per day!!
This is Bella. She was another rescue, who actually lost her sister this past spring. She is very mild mannered, and loves to play! Although she is a mixed breed, she still maintains a healthy weight of about 80 pounds. She would be considered a mini-Nubian and she is currently expected to kid on January 11th!
*Bella is pregnant in this photo.
This is Snowbells "sister," Trixie. She is an alpine, and a large one at that! She is a bit skiddish around strangers, but she loves getting treats, so she comes around quick! She is the herd Queen and also the smartest goat in the herd. 
This is Chestnut, Kiaras daughter. She will be shown this summer/fall and hopefully bred late season to a buck that has not been decided yet!

Here is our first Saanen sire. Looking forward to breeding him to my 3 recorded grade saanens and 2 American Saanens for 2018 kids.


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